Nail care guide- Apply nail paint perfectly

Nails are an important part of body for a woman when it comes to fashion. Nails not only tell us about our health but also helps in creating a huge impact on people surrounding us. Dirty and out of shape nails aren’t liked by anyone. Beautifully shaped and well-maintained nails can attract many eyes towards you.

Who doesn’t loves properly shaped and beautifully coloured nails??

Well..there is no one out there who can say.. I don’t. Getting good-looking  manicured nails is the desire of every woman. Either decorate them with embellishments or get a nail art done on your nails or simply paint them to make them look beautiful.

Not every woman can afford to go to salon everytime for manicure to get a perfect finish. So, here I am giving some basic and easy tips to get perfectly manicured nails at home within minutes.

1. Always clean your nails with a nail paint remover of good quality.

Cleaning your nails is an important point when it comes to taking care of nails. Most of us focus on nail paint but don’t pay much attention to quality nail paint remover. It’s a mistake which adversely affects our nails. Nail paint removers leave a great impact on our nails. A low-quality nail paint remover makes our nail yellow, dry and dull-looking. It makes our nails weak and prone to breakages. So, next time spend some money on a good quality nail paint remover to protect your nails.


2. Instant manicure at home.

Frequent applications of nail paints make our nail dull and yellow. They need your attention and proper care. You can’t always go for manicures at salon but you can do good to your nails at your home in few minutes. After removing nail paint, soak your hands in warm water for 2-3 minutes. Shape your nails as per your choice be it round or square. Take your hands out of water and wipe your hands with a soft hand towel. Apply some moisturizer and massage it gently till your hands absorb the moisturizer. This will make your nails look healthy and nourished. After that, wash your hands and pat them dry. This will make your nails shiny and white.


3. Apply base coat on your nails.

Base coats are really important for nails. Don’t apply nail paint directly on your nails. Before applying nail paint, one must apply base coat to the nails. The base coat is transparent so it doesn’t affects the colour of your nail paint. Instead, it aids in getting a perfectionist look of nail colour.  To get a perfect finish of your nail paint, apply transparent base coat and let it dry. This base coat protects your nails from damage and make your nails ready for nail paint. It will give your nail paint the perfect look.


4. Good quality nail paint.

Whenever you buy nail paint, always go for a good quality one. This may make you loosen your pocket but it will pay back when you will apply it on your nails and get compliments from friends and relatives . A good quality nail paint gives a cleaner and more glossy look to your nails making it more beautiful. A quality nail paint doesn’t contains harmful chemicals that damage your nails. A high quality nail paint stays on for a longer period of time without any chipped. It will last on longer so, you won’t need to re-apply nail paint within 2-3 weeks. 


5. Apply nail paint propely and carefully.


After applying base coat, your nails are ready for being coloured. Now, you can apply nail paint on your nails. To apply nail paint start applying nail paint with the help of brush beginning from the center of the nails towards the outer edge. After applying at the center, take your brush towards edges and gently apply nail paint in a stroke. Don’t repeat multiple strokes at a place. This will make your nail paint look messy. After applying nail paint, let it dry for few minutes. Apply another coat if needed or for a darker shade.


6. After nail paint comes a protective Top coat.



After applying nail paint, apply top coat for a perfect look. Top coat protects your nail paint and helps it stay on for a longer period of time without getting damaged.  It adds a finishing touch to the nail paint. Applying top-coat helps in retaining the actual colour of the nail paint for a longer period of time without any change in colour. So, applying top coat is a really important task which shouldn’t be forgotten. And finally after application of top coat, you are done with the beautiful eye-catching nails.


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